​Almighty Air is proud to announce that we now offer the installation of the radiant barrier.  It is a very important investment to help keep your home more efficient and your attic cooler so that your system is not stressing. 

​Almighty Air can also replace fan motors, fan blades, blower motor and squirrel cage.  We also do compressor replacement.  We also can replace your high voltage electrical whip along with the high voltage disconnect.  We can even repair or replace your 24 volts control wire. 

​We will install new ducts or repair the duct if it is applicable.  We can also install a new plenum or even repair it if applicable.

​We also offer digital or WIFI thermostats for your convenience.  Almighty Air is also concerned about your indoor air quality (IAQ) so we offer products that can destroy pollutants making it easier to breathe and manage serious problems for people with respiratory health conditions and allergies.

We install new scientifically designed condensers, heat pumps, air handlers, gas furnaces and evaporator cooling coils. We also offer refrigerant (Freon) leak tests.

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​I can help give your unit life by installing a hard start.  We also do dual capacitors, run capacitors and contactors.  We can repair copper line set if applicable or install a whole new copper line set.